Home Departments

1. Accidents And Emergency Department:

It receives all the emergencies including: Orthopedic Trauma, General surgery, Internal medicine, Cardiac Diseases, Neurosurgery, in addition to Obstetrics and Gynecological diseases and normal and cesarean section deliveries.

2. Clinics:

It includes:

1.Family Medicine clinic.

2. Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic.


4.internal medicine.

5.general surgery.

6.Dental Clinic.

7.Ophthalmic Clinic.

8.Otolarynologic Clinic.

9.Derma Clinic.

10. Cardiac Clinic.

11.Endocrinology Clinic.

10.Orthopedics Clinic.

11.Nephrology Clinic.

These Clinics provide their services daily, morning and evening.


It provides investigations for: hematological diseases, Hormones, Disease’s markers, immunological diseases, molecular biology and clinical chemistry.

This section is considered one of the distinct sections, it provides recent devices and many modern equipment have been added in the year 2021 which has a positive impact on medical services provision.

The central  laboratory works 24hrs even in holidays.

4: Cardiac Catheterization and Intensive Care Unit:

Hospital provides the most modern catheterization device in the country with an Intensive Care Unit, this sector is going to initiate the work in the year 2022.

5.Operation sector:

Now it has 2 rooms working effectively and it has modern devices. 2 rooms will be added in order to perform all the operations abruptly which leads to work stability

6.admission department:

This department works on the procedures of admission and discharge of the patients , coordination of surgical operation , time of operation, also announce the patient or co patientabout the time of operation , and doing the necessary procedures in case of health insurance anddirect payment .

There is (22) private room in the fifth floor, all of which work efficiently.

7. Radiological department:

This department works 24 hours (even in holidays) consist of the following:

          - Computed tomography scan (routine imaging, color imaging, 3-dimensional image).

         -  Routine x_ rays (all the of the routine x-ray imaging).

         - Ultrasonography (abdominal ultrasound, mammography, 4D Ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound)

          - Dental radiology (x-ray, panorama, dental CT).

The reports will be released in less than 24 hours.

 8. laparoscopic department

This department recently stablished, and is essential medical services in the hospital.

THE METRONE: this department works as supervisor of nurse services in all departments, to keep these services continue with professional manner and guided by the main policies and regulations of the hospital.

Due to optimal concern from the administration of the hospital they deiced to add new departments like center for hemodialysis, HDU, add a new bed in ICU, cardiac disease, and expand the department of neonatology department.